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Each of us has an inherent right to the best of this society so why are some communities underserved and marginalized? Do they know how to access services? What are we all entitled to?

Updated: Apr 2

I heard a sermon many years ago  while  contemplating starting a business of my own. A guest Speaker at our church was a pastor was from New Jersey his name is Dr. David Ireland founder and lead pastor of Christ Church. His sermon that day aimed at business congregants outlined our impact in society and identified 5 sectors found in every society world over. In every society you’ll find these important constructs:  business and economics policy, which includes justice and government, educational systems which includes communications and media, art and culture, peace and relations building,  health and wellness, and  science and technology, which includes spirituality and religion. He explained how  every society has these components, and every individual within that society has an inherent right to each sector. I’ve had the 5 sectors of society on a sticky note taped on my pc monitor for many years now allowing it to be the focal point for my life as an entrepreneur and at that time, corporate employee. Our mission is to research, identify and provide helpful links as a starting point for addressing many of the societal issues  plaguing the black and brown communities. If we can be of further assistance please contact us this work is by no means complete it’s a life long journey from here to Equity !

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