Podcasting to Decrease Societal Issues

Host: Kim Harriel

Co Host: Robin Horston-Spencer

Our goal is to deliver easily understood content provided by people who have direct information about topics to help us, and others access the necessary services and delivery of those services. How to decrease and/or resolve issues such as, Abandoned houses, Rodent control, Rent, Food, Housing, Mental Health, Welfare, Education, Homelessness, Shelters, Drug /Alcohol, Incarceration, Recidivism, as well as increase Voting/Registration. Wealth Building, Health/Wellness, and Entrepreneurship. These are prevalent societal ills and needs within our community. The truth is we have everything we need; we have to pull together!  NOW 

We'll highlight these issues and provide the information in an easily understandable format and encourage input and feedback.  

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  • A dynamic list of contact information for the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Pennsylvania, if you see mistakes, please help us correct our errors, email the updates/ deletions/ corrections. Thank you

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Collaborating at Work

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