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4BlacknBrown2 is created by Revelations-Reflections to help grassroots organizations inform marginalized communities !

 Frustrated with social injustice in your neighborhood? Revelations-Reflections shares information and resources to facilitate meaningful and lasting change!


The embedded links serve as gateways to resources in Allegheny County, covering shelter, evictions, safety, utilities, aid for seniors, and fire prevention. Housing issues are multifaceted, including aspects like abandoned properties, acquisition of such properties, reporting them, and addressing urban decay. If you suspect a property poses a health risk, such as rodent infestation or overgrown weeds, you can file a complaint with the Allegheny County Health Department using their online form. 


         Discover the impact of evictions on                   community residents.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing economic consequences have pushed our nation to the edge of an eviction crisis. However, the reality is that the crisis is far more deeply rooted. In recent years, federal housing assistance programs have encountered serious threats, while the disparity between rent costs and income has increased dramatically.That gap yawns even wider for people of color who — due to decades of racist policies in credit, lending and housing — were largely excluded from programs that created stability and generational wealth for white Americans. Researchers are also finding that eviction filings disproportionately affect people of color: African American neighborhoods have eviction rates nearly four times those of the national average, and Hispanic tenants in predominantly white neighborhoods are roughly twice as likely to be evicted as those in predominantly non-white neighborhoods. Discrimination in Evictions: Empirical Evidence and Legal Challenges, 2018. Deena Greenberg,Carl Gershenson and Matthew Desmond.

Interactive Web Report/After the Pause: The Rise of Eviction filings post -pandemic! I looked at the Mon Valley where I've recently rented a house, and it's completely telling! The report details by Zipcode the number of available rental units, the percentage renting that are people of color the percentage earning below $25,000 and the percentage of those that are rent burdened. In my current zip code 15025 2018 Renter households comprised of 41% people of color, 32% earning less than $25,000 and 42% are rent burdened. To view the report

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Issues such as Food Insecurity, Depression, Suicide, and Drug/Alcohol misuse are closely linked to housing problems. The home should be a safe haven, but substandard housing often means these problems are present too. When housing issues arise, stigma, racial bias, and embarrassment can hinder communication and the search for help. These barriers make it increasingly difficult to assist our neighbors. Contacting the Health department about domestic issues may lead to Child Protective Services involvement, where racism and stigma often lead to negative outcomes. Thus, our neighbors endure these challenges while presenting an outward appearance of wellness, until the situation reaches a breaking point.

Despite the abundance of food banks in Allegheny County, hunger persists. Challenges include transportation to and from food banks, limited operating hours—though many open at 6 pm—and the types of food available, such as meat without oil for cooking, or boxed items requiring dairy. What actions can we take to support our neighbors?




Local incarceration rates reflect the decisions of local law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation and parole officers, and the implementation of local, state, and federal laws. Locally elected officials have the power to reduce the footprint of jails―for example, by changing enforcement priorities, reducing pretrial detention, pursuing alternatives to incarceration, and ending contracts to hold people for other agencies. 


Local elections have a direct impact on our daily lives. Local officials make decisions that affect schools, public services, infrastructure, and community development.

By participating in local elections, you help elect officials who understand the unique challenges faced by Allegheny County residents.



 Who are the advocates for greater racial, gender, and professional diversity on the bench. Courts today are predominantly white and male at both the state and federal levels. Nearly half of state supreme courts, for example, have no justices of color, the Brennan Center reported in April. Follow Pittsburgh & Pennsylvania politics, election and government news | 90.5 WESA 

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Do you want to understand what's going on with Pennsylvania's Education System? This interactive website will allow you to target your school district and the relevant data points.

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Though western Pennsylvania has experienced a remarkable rebound over the past four decades, not all of us have been able to access the benefits of Pittsburgh’s economy. In 2014, The Pittsburgh Foundation committed to ensuring our work helped build on the idea that none of our neighbors should be left behind. According to the U.S. Census, 11 % of Allegheny County residents live below the poverty level. About one-third of Pittsburgh’s regional population lives at or near poverty, subsisting on annual household wages of $50,000 or less for a family of four. These families are just one car accident, job loss or health emergency away from financial disaster.

-excerpt from the Pittsburgh Foundation

I  have long wanted to be in business for myself but for many reasons chose to stay in the workforce until retiring this past July 2023.   I had longed as a child to be a radio talk show host. I loved listening to the radio and imaging what the speaker looked like, and I actually thought they were rich.  I also thought TV newscasters, bankers and airline stewardesses were rich too. Imagine my surprise. Now that I no longer need to report to anyone, at a specific time and place, I am able to do what I love doing, being the informant. No one likes a know it all at family and friend gatherings, so I am utilizing this platform to tell those who are interested what I know. I may not get financially wealthy, that would be cool if I did, but I'll be rich in gratitude knowing I passed on valuable information that changes our perspectives and conditions.  Stay tuned. 

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